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Georgia State University-Neuroscience Institute: Neurophilosophy Forum

«Consciousness Irreducible»

Friday, August 31, 2012, 2:00-3:30pm, Conference Room, Department of Philosophy
Giulio Tononi (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Abstract:  The Integrated Information Theory of consciousness (IIT) is a comprehensive theory of what consciousness is and how it is generated.

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VII Inter-University Workshop on Mind, Art and Morality. Call for Papers

Themes on Malcolm Budd

02-04 Oct2013
University of Murcia (Spain)
Invited Speaker: MALCOLM BUDD  (retired as Grote Professor in 2001)
Malcolm Budd is the author of Aesthetic Essays (Oxford U. P., 2008), The Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature: Essays on the Aesthetic of Nature (Oxford U. P., 2002) Values of Art (Harvard U. P., 2003), Music and the Emotions (1985), and many papers on the philosophy of mind and aesthetics.

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CCHS-CSIC: V Simposio Internacional

«Memoria, Narración, Justicia. Cultura y Justicia»

18-20/12/2012 – 16:00 hs.
Sala Menendez Pidal 0E18

Como en años anteriores la Línea de Investigación JUSTICIA: MEMORIA, NARRACIÓN Y CULTURA del CCHS-CSIC organiza el simposio anual «Memoria, narración y Justicia».
Coordinadora General del Simposio: Graciela Fainstein (IFS-CCHS, CSIC)

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Dilemata Nº9 «¿Pueden ser los animales seres morales?»

Txetxu Ausín
(Ed.) [mayo 2012]
Dilemata. Revista Internacional de Éticas Aplicadas, España
ISSN: 1989-7022

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